The drilling in my head…

An update on what is happening with us and our dream of sailing around the world! Still preparing for it in case you wonder!


I have just realized I have not written anything new for ages now! The date of the last post is 1 September 2017, and so much happened in our life since then! We had a great sailing trip in the third week of September last year and have passed our RYA Coastal training and got our certificates. I have found the best way to deal with my seasickness (I have written an article gathering all remedies I could find and for me personally number 5 combined with number 7 is the real deal ( I have managed to cook pasta for everyone while we were slowly drifting on a Baltic Sea, so our friend could catch some cod! It was delicious!

The Baltic Sea in September – the rare sun and calm waters on our way to Bronholm. Still very cold wind!

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The importance of knowing how you want to live your life…

Fear of losing security is keeping us from trying new things, from challenging the world and ourselves. So many of us chose a safe road, pushing the dreams aside. When you 18-20 you have so many dreams, you are full of positive energy, like you know that one day you are going to change the world. And then the reality swallows you and you are waking up one day with a shock on your face realizing that you are 40, have two kids, do the job you do not really want and generally are on a path you have never considered – with a mortgage creeping on you, surprised that you ever wanted this commitment. That is if you lucky to wake up.


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