The drilling in my head…

An update on what is happening with us and our dream of sailing around the world! Still preparing for it in case you wonder!


I have just realized I have not written anything new for ages now! The date of the last post is 1 September 2017, and so much happened in our life since then! We had a great sailing trip in the third week of September last year and have passed our RYA Coastal training and got our certificates. I have found the best way to deal with my seasickness (I have written an article gathering all remedies I could find and for me personally number 5 combined with number 7 is the real deal ( I have managed to cook pasta for everyone while we were slowly drifting on a Baltic Sea, so our friend could catch some cod! It was delicious!

The Baltic Sea in September – the rare sun and calm waters on our way to Bronholm. Still very cold wind!

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