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The contrast of the golden sand and the turquoise water was mesmerizing. I was so happy to enjoy the swim and a lazy afternoon we have decided to leave noisy Malta behind and head straight to Gozo. None of us knew that by a pure chance we will be stopping by one of the best and most wonderful pieces of paradise on Earth – Ir-Ramla il-Hamra in Xaghra.

Sometimes I like going somewhere without planning what to see and do, especially if we have more time on our disposal. However if I am time stretched, I do try to see what is worth visiting and I would book my tickets online in advance, so I am not wasting my time queening and hoping that I might be lucky enough to see something incredible. There is another thing about planning, which I am not very keen on, something I cannot control – the building expectations exercise. And then the reality is squashing it down…

We have dropped our anchor and decided to check the beach using our small dingy. The bay was bathed in the sun, people were enjoying the beach and the swim and we had only one neighbor near by – quite big motor boat, looking rather posh.

Staying on anchor is always tricky, even when you know that your anchor holds quite well. There was four of us on a boat, so we could safely go ashore in pairs, while the two of us could stay and swim around the boat. I know that when Marcin and I finally get out there permanently, we might have a problem with going on shore while on anchor, as I will be stressing out that somehow our boat will start dragging our anchor and hit someone else’s boat. Recently I have read on one of the Facebook sailing groups a story shared by someone who tried to rescue a boat left on anchor for few days, without anyone present! I do not think I would be ever able to do that! The more I sail and the more I learn about sailing, the more my eyes open and my imagination work.

The dingy we had on our disposal was the worst! But it did not mater at all, as the weather was great and I did not mind having my bottom completely wet. However getting out from the dingy resulted in me landing in the water up to my neck and getting everything wet. The seabed near the beach was rocky and I did not have any shoes on me. We made few people sunbathing peacefully laugh as they were watching us crawling from the water and dragging the dingy on to the beach! O well, I did not mind that at all 🙂

We loved this bay so much that we have came back there again, a week or so later, after our sailing trip to Sicily. The food was amazing! And what I really liked about the place was the fact, that even though this spot is really popular, it is still unspoiled! Just the basic facilities, like few restaurants not looking posh at all, serving excellent food, and a small shop selling snorkeling gear. As I have learnt that getting out from the dingy and landing with my bare feet on the rocks is not at all pleasant, I have bought a pair of sailing shoes from the small shop. And that was one of the best buys I have ever made during the sailing trip!