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No wind was leading us towards Syracuse almost all day. Standing at the helm was getting pretty boring and I was hoping that with this lovely weather we have a chance to see few dolphins, but it was not on the cards for today. We were aiming for Saint Lucia Porto Picolo, which was very close by to the city center we wanted to explore. Besides this time we have managed to take only few clothes, so the laundry was very much due.

I could not love this small marina in Syracuse more! Especially a HUGE shower which was available at the end of our berth, one of the best I have ever seen! Exactly the same quality as the showers in Riposto. And as the weather was getting hotter and hotter and the wind completely disappeared, we just ADORED this shower and abused it few times a day, with sheer pleasure.

Our Italian did not exist and the harbor master did not speak a word in English, but we have managed to negotiate the price down and were charged 40 euros instead of initial 50. The friendliness of everyone was absolutely great! The guy who helped us to moor our boat to the docks spoke limited English and we have managed to get an access to electricity and water. Every time we were on our way out or back, people were greeting us with a friendly wave and huge smiles.

The shower at the end of the dock was the best they could have come up with, instead of shower facilities. We were told that there was no hot water (the watchful eyes were discreetly directed at me), but with the sun firmly sitting on the blue sky all day long and the temperature climbing up and up the hot shower was not really an option. In fact the water was pleasantly warm and we could have a very refreshing shower! Besides the water in Italy is just delicious! I could not drink a cup of tea made from the water from Mgarr marina, as it was too salty. Here I could probably drink it straight out of the hose!

The life in Saint Lucia Porto Piccolo was quiet and slow. Only few sailing boats moored near by – few Italian and one from Norway were our neighbors. Nothing big and fancy, nothing like the super yachts we saw in Riposto. Few fishing boats were resting opposite and we saw fisherman sorting out his prey.

Just few meters from the port we have found a lovely cafe – Gelati Bianca – and we could not resist their ice creams! For the next two days we ate a fair share of those, and since we discovered that one of the girls working there was from Poland, we could not resist!

We have spent the day on chasing the laundry, chatting away with a lovely American women who was working at the laundry and getting our first Italian pizza! We did explore Basilica di Santa Lucia al Sepolcro and the town and enjoyed watching people creating a beach whenever they could!

So far I have nothing bad to say about Sicily. Every time we were approached with a friendly and kind manner, even when we moored in Naxos and were asked to move. And as I found out later on, in Riposto, it did not matter how big your boat was, you were going to be treated with the same respect as the owners of the super-yacht! But this is another story to tell 🙂