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Sleeping in a bow cabin during our night passage from Gozo to Sicily was a sheer nightmare. The sea was restless and the boat was going up and down strongly and rapidly. To my great surprise I did not feel seasick at all. It looked like the precautions I took before our sailing trip… worked? I did feel some nausea at the start of our trip, when the sea was as calm as a lake, but not now, when I was bashed around in my bed.

I have never been late for my watch. For some reason I woke up an hour and 15 minutes earlier thinking that I have only few minutes to brush my teeth and get ready. Tomek laughed at me and send me back to sleep. But I did woke Marcin up without a reason… Well, sometimes you are your worst enemy!

Our first watch on a way to Sicily was rather eventful. Especially my first hour! It is true that sailing at night is as difficult as it can get, especially for someone who was not born with eyes of an eagle. When you are standing behind the wheel and there is a blackness surrounding you, things might look scary.

There was plenty of lights, since the distance between Malta and Sicily isn’t really that great. But all these lights, for someone like me, might be helpful and at the same time confusing. Unfortunately I needed to be closer to see something better. Judging the distance at night is tricky as well! Sometimes, when you see the lights of a ship on your port you might think it is miles away. In reality however this ship is going with a greater speed than you do and it is closer than you think. Do not count on being spotted! It is better to just get out of the way.

During my first hour I saw some lights, which indicated a big ship going in our direction. I did change our course hoping that we can be from it as far as we could. The ship was as well going very fast and even though I thought we managed to position ourselves as far from it as we were able to, it send a massive wave towards us which I saw at the last moment! To be honest, there wasn’t much I could do about that apart from charging at it straight and trying to warn everyone that we are going a massive up and a massive down in a few seconds!

Tomek and Wojtek woke up immediately thinking that we have hit something. Yep, we did! Something I did not expected at all – a wave created by a huge boat sailing happily away. I am sure they did not notice us at all, since we were just a needle in a haystack. Marcin went downstairs to collect all the things I have manged to throw out from any place imaginable and sent Tomek and Wojtek back to sleep, since our watch has just started.

I would like to say it went uneventful for the rest of the night but that would be a lie. We had to escape another ship sailing in our direction, make sure that we are not going to collide with a small fishing boat which came out of nowhere and we managed to mistake a lighthouse for a cardinal buoy… Well, live and learn is all I can say!