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The sun was slowly getting ready to lift the night and it woke us up rather early. Even at 5 in the morning the day seems hot and there was no cloud on a blue clear sky. I did not sleep well. We have managed to get to the Msida Marina at 2 o’clock and went to beds at about 3, listening to the sounds of St Joseph’s church bells, which chime every 15 minutes. Guessing however the time using the bells would be a tricky thing to do. The strikes did not make much sense…

We had a whole day to kill in front of us, before our skipper – Wojtek – was due to arrive. Firstly we went to look for a place to have breakfast. From Msida marina to the town center is a long walk and the nearest shop, which we found out later on, was a rather tricky climb up the hill. Luckily for us a cafe, which was serving breakfast, was just few meters away and we could enjoy a lovely meal! Finally we felt like on a holidays.

After visiting the shop we still have a lot of time left to kill. We went to Msida marina offices and sorted out our stay. We paid 115 euros for two nights, plus 10 euros for electricity and water. For a 10.5 m boat it was a rather hefty price. When we went to Mggar marina the cost of the stay was 35 euros per night plus 5 euros for electricity and water. The facilities in both places are ok, and the distances around Gozo and Malta are so small, that I would rather recommend staying in Gozo than in Msida.

After sorting out all the boring staff we have decided to make a trip to the capital of Malta. Valletta is not far away from Msida. You can get there by a bus or a taxi – we tried the bus one way but decided to walk back. However to get to Valleta from Msida, prepare yourself for a walk up the hill, which might be a challenge for some people. Always have water with you, as the temperature is rising fast and there is not much shadow to hide!

Walk around Valleta is an absolute must! This city is a lovely sing for your eyes and the contrast between the yellow buildings and clear blue sky is magnificent. Malta’s capital is busy with countless number of cafes, restaurants and churches. There is as well Upper Barracca Gardens, very much worth visiting at around 4 pm, when the two cannons are being fired! The way the whole affair is handled is a great show to watch. Besides the place is lovely, with a great little fountain and the views over Grand Harbor from the terrace are simply breathtaking! If you happen to be there during the cannons show, you can as well support the soldiers by giving a small donation to keep the cannons going.

St John’s Cathedral will surprise you when you walk in. The building itself is not really eye-catching, but the richness of the interiors are overwhelming! You might even feel like you are entering a huge jewelry box! The baroque style dominates inside, with the gorgeous ceiling painting you can admire above your head. It is as well a great way to hide, if the sun is too much for you.

Valletta has a great vibe. A modern city with a glimpses of history elegantly inserted. Small restaurants hidden away in a back street serves delicious food and the people are very nice. Yes, this holiday destination is worth considering!