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On the map of Gozo, Mgarr ix-Xini Bay does not look appealing at all. A small and very narrow bay, south-west of Mgarr, with high rocks surrounding azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, might be tricky to navigate if your boat is bigger than 13 meters. Yet to hid there and anchor to spend the day on enjoying swimming and diving is as tempting as trying fresh mussels in the cafe next to the small beach.

I would not risk spending the night there. For my liking it is too narrow and the spiky rocks on the sides could do a lot of harm to your boat. But going there for a relaxing day out is more than perfect. It is a good place as well to test your anchoring skills and attaching yourself to the rocks opposite.

Using a pillar

Using a pillar

Using metal rings on the left hand side

To secure a nice spot use your anchor and a few metal rings fixed to the rocks on your left hand side, or a large pillar on the right hand side of the bay. If you want to do that, you must let someone to climb the rocks and take the rope with them. Please, just make sure this brave person has some shoes as the rocks are rather sharp and Tomek found it very uncomfortable. We ended up throwing him shoes, when he was trying to secure a rope around the pillar! Make sure to protect your bow as the rocks near the pillar are high and dangerous. It is better to try left hand side of the bay and metal rings, which we did the second time we stopped by.

Sadly some people do not know how to anchor properly. When we were there a motoring boat stopped by and we could observe it going from one side of a narrow bay to the other. Surprisingly people sitting on the boat just let that happen and did not attempt to secure the boat, which could be easily done. This could be frustrating if more small boats wanted to stop by, as as a result the motoring boat was making the passing through rather difficult.

You can easily swim to the beach or dive/snorkelling all day. You can as well walk to the cafes on your left hand side, as Tomek did, taking his camera and the money, so we could swim to the beach with nothing. There are few cafes which serves yummy mussels, fish and all sort of sea food and coffee. First time we just swam over and had a coffee and then came back to our boat to cook a meal. Eating while sitting in the cockpit in such a beautiful circumstances was a real treat!

Our little boat – Gipsy Queen!

But the second time we had a beautiful meal in the restaurant set near the beach. We could enjoy amazing food and look at our little boat safely tacked in Mgarr ix-Xini Bay. The swim in the crystal clear blue water was simply the best. If you are in the area, do not miss this small bay – you will regret not anchoring there and not eating delicious food served in the restaurant!