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We have landed in London on Sunday morning. First impression wasn’t great. Cloudy and grey sky hanging over our heads. I immediately missed crystal clear blue of the Maltese skies and water. Marcin wanted to take off his sunglasses just to realize that he is not wearing any! This is how dark everything looked like… The contrast was overwhelming.

After two weeks of soaking in the sun and living on a boat I really did not want to come back. Our car did not want to start (the battery was gone) and there was so many things to deal with after that! All these bills which we had to sort out, all these contracts for electricity, gas, broadband coming to an end and needing phoning the company to negotiate the best deal… If we live on a boat, none of these would exist.

My skin is dark brown now. I like the colour of it. It reminds me of a great time on the boat. The touch of the wind and sun. Dolphins playing with us one evening, on our way from Sicily towards Gozo. I remember 5 sea turtles we have met earlier that day. They were taking advantage of a great sunny day and calm waters to relax on a surface. Incredible coast line of Gozo and Malta, beautiful anchorage places we have discovered… Life was wonderful for two weeks.

I know how to move the boat around now. I know how to sail it, how to park it at the marinas and when we needed fuel. I slowly started to understand the maps and the plotter. I know how to anchor safely. How to keep a watch and use dingy. How to plan our shopping and make sure we have enough everything we need for longer passages. I even discovered I like cooking more now and I am getting rather good at it!

Clearly I could live on a sailing boat permanently. And basically that is the plan for the future. Since I started sailing I stopped buying stupid things like another dress or pair of shoes. Now I think – would I be able to take this with me on a sailing boat in two years time? If not, I simply do not buy the thing. This is how strongly I believe I will be sailing permanently soon. My life focuses on one thing now – how to get better at sailing? How to make sure we will be able to live on a boat for a few years and discover the world around that way?

To be honest I do not have all the answers yet, but I am sure I will one day.