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At this moment I am feeling quite happy and excited. No surprises here, as we are flying over to Malta for our sailing adventure this Friday! We will be visiting Malta, Gozo and we will be sailing across to Sicily! What else a traveler and a sailor like me would want?

This trip is slightly different than the previous one. First of all my husband’s brother Tomek is coming with us. And this trip will be his first sailing venture into the Meds! And secondly there will be only the three of us on a boat plus Skipper Wojtek! It means we can sail where we want, hence the weather!

During this trip Marcin and I will be as well learning quite a lot of things, as next year we are planning to charter a boat and organize our own adventure! We want to take some friends and family members to sail around Greek islands. I am hoping that my knowledge about navigating, plotting and planning passages, checking the weather, communicating with marinas and maneuvering the boat will improve. All this will be very useful for our RYA Coastal Skipper training in Poland in September.

The boat we are going to sail on – Gipsy Queen – is the same one we have sailed on during our latest sailing trip at the beginning of May, when we have visited Lipari Islands. Now we will try to approach the other side of Sicily and not get lost on the way. That is me, hoping.

We are slowly packing our staff. Now, for the hundredth time I will try pack lightly, since we have only 20 kg per person and I do want to finally learn how to do it! Even though I travel more and more each year, I am hopeless in this department. I always take too many cloths and other unnecessary things, to find out later on, that I do not need a half of the things I need to drag back to our home in the UK. Well, once again, that is me hoping.

I hope Malta will be kind to us, as I am sure it will be as beautiful as you can see in the pictures. Happy sailing, everyone, wherever the wind will take you!