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Our first passage – from Messina marina (Marina del Nettuno – very well equipped – with nice facilities and very helpful staff, reasonable priced at 70 euros per night for a boat of 10m  at the end of April/beginning of May 2017) to Lipari took us 14 hours.

Suffering a seasickness…

Leaving Messina

During that time my seasickness hit me hard and surly. I was trying to busy myself and keeping my eyes fixed on the horizon – my best friend during this difficult time, but inevitably after few hours I did through up. Yep, this lady is never kind to me.

Luckily for us, this was the beginning of our trip so we did not really needed to keep to our schedule and although our first idea was to sail to Isola Vulcano, the wind forced us to change our plans and head for Lipari instead. Otherwise we would be motoring all day long, with really not impressive results.

We hit Lipari late at night and tried to guess where to throw our moorings so we did not go bankrupt. Some of the marinas are very pricy over there and paying over the odds for a place to stop did not seem reasonable. We rather preferred to spend money on a nice drink and a meal than on the overpriced marina we were going to stay two nights on. Finally, we risked and chose suitable berth for the rest of the night at Portosalvo marina.

When I arrive to a new place by a boat, I want to explore it straight away. We do not sail on luxury boats, with working showers and fantastically equipped galleys. That way we can save money to explore new places, to enjoy local cuisine and great sights. Gipsy Queen, which we are going to sail on again in June, is a very basically equipped boat. A half of things work half the time and living on her is very much comparable to camping. So my first quest is always locating marina facilities – showers especially. Off course, I did not expect anything to be available at 12 at night so this time I did not bother. Our small party decided to explore the town, to grab a drink and something small to eat and I packed my toothbrush to take advantage of bar facilities, if we managed to find any!

We were in luck! We did find one bar still open (surprise, as anyone who we asked at a marina was saying that nothing is open, as they have checked it already) and managed to get a nice beer and some paninis for our supper.

The next day Marcin and I have decided to go on a small exploratory trip to locate the showers. It was early in the morning, about 8.30, so not many places were open. I must admit that locals do speak English to a very helpful level and the word shower does ring a bell! It took us about 20 minutes and speaking to 3 locals to find the shower facilities at the… hairdresser saloon! Well, there is always time for doing something for the first time!

The cost of the shower was 8 euros for the both of us. The owner did not speak a word in English, but he was extremely helpful and nice. He cleaned the showers before we used them and I could use a hairdryer at the saloon.

Later on we have found out that the shower facilities were located just a few steps from the marina and all you needed to do was to ring the number on the doors! A nice lady would come within few minutes (although our friend Grzesiu waited about 20 minutes) with a nice fresh towel and some soap and shampoo for you to use. This pleasure would cost you only 5 euros and it was very convenient. But a hot shower in a hairdresser saloon was fantastic as well!