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In two days’ time we are getting on a plane and going to Italy. For anyone who loves travelling, this is the most exciting time – anticipation of the trip, of a new adventure. Of course there is a packing involved as well, which is the least interesting, but without packing you would not be able to feel excited. And this is not an ordinary trip at all. This is a sailing trip! We will be sailing from Sicily (Messina) towards Lipari Islands!

I have never been to Sicily; and we have never sailed in the Meds. Strangely enough our first serious sailing trip took place on the North Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. I must admit, this was not a wise choice for the first timers at all. But it made us realize that no matter what (12h with a really heavy seasickness included) we do love sailing. And we do want to sail more and more.

I try to keep my expectations on bay. When we flew to Bergen last year I really had no idea that sailing from Bergen to Shetlands would make me wanting to quit in the middle of the sea. I wanted a dry land and never to put my feet on a boat again. But when we arrived and I found myself standing on the ground, I immediately felt the need to go back to the boat. 33 hours passage and 12 hours severe seasickness symptoms did not cure me from my love for sailing.

Recently a friend of mine told me that her daughter tried sailing and was simply bored.  Perhaps because no one showed her how to sail and she was basically stuck on the boat all day and did not do a thing. She is still going to go for some lessons, and perhaps she will be able to appreciate it more, but it made me realise that sailing is not necessary for everyone. Yes, that is true, during long passages, you do not have much to do. You are left to your own devices, coming to life when doing you shifts. And now, with the autopilot and with steady winds (if you lucky) there is not much to do during your shift anyway.

Our sailing from Bergen to Iceland was not like that at all. From Bergen to Shetland and from Shetland to Faroe Islands we were doing 4 hours shifts, there was no autopilot involved and although the sea was not rough, we did suffer very heavy seasickness symptoms. No fun at all, if you ask me! But we made it, the whole trip and I have never felt prouder of myself.

What is it going to be like sailing in the Meds? I do not want to build my expectations at all. I want to be surprised, charmed perhaps, bored and full of Sun. Let’s Meds astonish me, in any way it can!