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It was a rather gloomy morning when we woke up on Sunday. Our weekend in Paris was coming to an end, but we enjoyed every minute of it! The Saturday was perfect for a stroll around the French capital, as the sky was blue and the sun was shining happily on us. Today the sun disappeared behind a think grey cloud and there was no hope it would show itself later on.

After a quick coffee and traditional French breakfast consisting of a piece of freshly baked bread with a thin layer of butter and jam, we headed towards Louvre. The street lights seemed brighter and the sense of time slowly disappeared. There was absolutely no hope for the sun to even let us know that it is still there, bearing a thick coat of greyness.

The gigantic open square breathing in the centre of the city, with Seine nearby, welcomed us with a pointy glass pyramid. The building guards the square and is able to accommodate a vast number of visitors coming in every day. Open almost all year round, with the exception for Tuesdays, Louvre wants to be walked about, wants to share the most incredible pieces of arts the human hands created during the centuries.

Each wing offers something different, unique and amazing. There is no way to see everything in one day and this is usually all the time you have when you are in Paris. Lured by a magical glance of Mona Lisa, the slim figure of victorious Nike and a perfect form of Venus de Milo people fill in the building. Few cafes and restaurants offer rather pricy refreshment, so the best idea is to grab something on your way in, before you let yourself get lost in a world of perfection.

Amazingly in places like that not only art is worth observing. We saw all kinds of people walking about – the sophisticated couples looking like they were born between brushes in the painter or sculptor atelier, noisy kids drugged for a cultural break from the PlayStation by their parents, young artists sitting on the round sofas and making sketches, learning how the master breathed the soul into this women eyes and stopped you just three steps in front of her, holding your own breath, and older generation, walking slowly around, grabbing every opportunity to sit for a moment…

Not crowded at all Louvre became a nice haven from the greyness spreading outside, putting so needed colours around us, letting our eyes to slide from one precious object to another, giving a perfect excuse for not rushing around. For me there are only three places, which can give me this feeling of sense and beauty – Vatican Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum in London and Louvre in Paris. And I am really lucky to be able to visit them all!