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At 12 o’clock at night you could still see as well as during an early morning, when the world is slowly waking up.

I felt like our day would never end. The night was simply not coming, stripped out of an opportunity to introduce herself. In four hours we were due to catch our flight home and after a whole day of exploring I wondered when the tiredness is going to hit me.

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I was waiting for the moment when it will knock me out, when my body wakes up from an initial shock caused by never presented night. This moment came to both of us in the airport, when we were waiting for our gate to open. The tiredness was so overwhelming, that we have collapsed on the floor, not caring about anything and slept until we could get on the plane and continue to sleep.

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At this point at night however no one seemed tired. No one had enough.

After visiting three waterfalls, Strokkur Geyser (Haukadalur), the bridge between Europe and North America on Reykjanes Peninsula in the Thingvellir National Park and the Secret Lagoon hot springs, we were still hoping to get to the glacier. At 12 o’clock at night we were on our way towards Eiríksjökull, north-west of Langjökull, with twilight slowly approaching, just because there were clouds on the sky, which helped covering the ever-present sun.

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The quality of the road to the glazier reminded me of our trip to Cyprus, to Cape Lara – the Turtle Beach.

The car we have rented in Reykjavik was only 3 months old, but its suspension was almost completely ruined. I wondered if whoever was renting it out before us did exactly the same thing – decided on an off-road trip.

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The emptiness of the mountains was overpowering.

After a lavishly green grass, happy blue sky and the sun sitting firmly above our heads when we were enjoying hot springs, I felt sudden sadness in my heart. The car was bumping on the road and we all prayed quietly that it will take us where we needed to go. The alternative was spending the night in the middle of nowhere, hoping for more lunatics heading the same way and rescue us.

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Every kilometre we have manged to swallow was like a small victory.

Every second was bringing us closer and closer to the glazier, to a never disappearing snow and ice. We saw a few waterfalls during our ride and looming in the distance Ok volcano, which sadly was declared a non-glacier in September 2014.

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When we finally reached Eiríksjökull, the sun started to break down through the clouds.

The sky illuminated weakly, the light fighting with the twilight, whiteness of the snow broken by the slate grey. We have ditched our car and started a slow walk towards the glacier, ignoring the wind and the cold.

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We could see few jeeps further ahead, prepared for the guests to go further into the glacier. We did not have a luxury of a car we could drive on the glazier, the only thing we could do was walking. Few of us went quite far, but my shoes were not good enough for the melting snow and although I thought I was wearing enough cloths to keep me warm, the wind was stubbornly penetrating. Holding the camera in my frozen hands, trying to capture the harsh landscape I kept walking until I felt I could not walk any further.


This was my goodbye with Iceland, incredible piece of Earth where the nature has more than one face, where you can get warm in the hot springs, be completely soaked by the exploding gazer and almost froze to death on the glazier.


Strokkur Geyser at Geysir


Secret Lagoon


Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Gullfoss Falls