My father was a sailor.

I tried to remember that when I was bent over the railings and throwing up on Brego, during our sailing trip from Bergen to Shetland. Someone was holding my legs, as I did not have much time to attach myself to the boat. No one wanted to test their sailing skills on doing MOB manoeuvre. Even though my father was sailing on huge boats, transporting containers from Europe to Africa and vice versa, he hated the seasickness, which kept coming back every time he sailed away. I thought – if he could do it I cannot give up.

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2 months later, in September, we came back. I dragged Marcin to Szczecin to be with me on a boat and do our yacht’s skipper training – next step in realizing our dream of sailing around the world.

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The mixture of feelings in me was hard to explain.

The fear, the excitement, the known and the unknown at the same time. Different boat, new people, new sea to sail on. Old things to learn again. New things to understand. New things to uncover about myself.

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During the whole week I was waiting for some sort of a miracle, sudden eye-opener, revelation, which would help me to finally feel the wind, the sails and the boat. I cried out of frustrations twice.

I felt useless, when I was watching others sailing with the relaxing faces, airily, nonchalantly. And then it was me, not having a clue what is going on, sailing this beautiful boat with my heart inside my stomach.

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Krystian, as always, was pretty relaxed. And patient. Apart from Marcin, Krystian and I there was Patryk, Maciek and Jozef – our small crew was living on Marengo, Dufour 36 classic, which I absolutely fallen in love with!

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The boat is spacious and small at the same time.

It’s wide enough to accommodate well designed kitchen and dining area. The bow cabin was massive, the bed was nice and wide and we had a lot of space around ourselves to put our clothes away. For the first time I thought – well, I could actually live in here!

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Marengo was easily manoeuvrable, listening to the slightest touch of the steering wheel.

The engine was quiet and quick and when the wind hit, Marengo could easily run 10 or more knots (our personal record was 9.9!).

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My little miracle begun the day before the exam.

Marengo was a witness to it, she made me finally understand what the whole idea of sailing is about, with a help of Krystian of course. On Marengo I have finally learnt to sail, finally understood the sails and the wind, and did the best MOB manoeuvre during our skipper exam. Finally I felt like a sailor.

Szkoła żeglarstwa Kliper – oddział Szczecin