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Our sailing adventure starts in 5 days. 2 weeks ago we started our shopping spread and now we are happy owners of countless number of socks and panties, t-shirts and fleece jackets, a huge bag and a backpack. All very welcome and much appreciated.

A week ago we focused on a proper sailing stuff, such as off-shore and in-shore trousers, jackets and boots (wellies), some nice gloves and hats. I am hoping that the online shop Marcin managed to find – Decathlon – will do the trick, otherwise we would be out of our pockets very quickly, trying to shop at Musto (they are pricy!) or Gill (however I am finding their wellies quite tempting!). Last Sunday we have made a trip to Reading to collect our order and I must admit – we are quite pleased with what we have. 

We are not sailors yet, we just starting our road to become ones, so spending too much on a sailing gear seems pointless. And quite frankly – judging from the forums we have visited recently, trying to figure out what we really need for this particular trip, and for many more we hope – the difference between pricy and reasonable priced sailing cloths is really not that big. The real clue lays in Gore-Tex – a membrane that is used in foul-weather clothing and is universally recognised as the most durably waterproof fabric available in the world today, increasing comfort and warmth levels. That’s it – comfort and warm – when the wind will go crazy and the water will try to reach every bit of my body. I want to be prepared, no matter what.

Sailing from Norway to Iceland is no joke. The sea might be rough; there is only 6 hours sun per day, the temperature is roughly around 10 Celsius degrees, cloudy sky and quite often rain, not mentioning the constant wind, not always blowing in the direction you are trying to sail to. But the views supposed to be amazing, so I am trying to focus on this. I do not think I could ever have a chance to see Norway cliffs from the sea, visit Faroe Islands and Shetlands and sail along the coast of Iceland. I do not imagine I could hope to be as close to the nature as I am getting a chance to be, perhaps see dolphins swimming along with us and perhaps spot some whales, which would be the most amazing thing!

I am hoping for a few things during our adventure – not to land in the water (although, this could be a great opportunity for anyone to test one of the most important sailing manoeuvres), learn how to sail (still pretty “I do not know what I am doing” state), make effort to snatch as many pictures as possible (I have even invested in the camera cover for the rainy weather, two new batteries and a new memory card), see the wildlife (that is when my camera is going to work its hardest) and make an effort to write about the trip every day, so when I am back home I can put all my thoughts together and write perhaps my first ebook – that is going to be a massive task! 

Although the most important thing is still going to be – do Marcin and I are cut for sailing lifestyle? Could we try sailing on our own for a while? Could we live on the boat permanently? Could we trade a land for a sea? For me selling everything we have and simply packing our bags to travel is not an option. I am not interested in becoming homeless and travel the world. I am interested in traveling the world in my own home and perhaps see it from a different perspective.