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A thick cloud was hanging over the rock of Gibraltar. Its greyness made the rock looking heavier, more awkward. The sea below lost its deep blue colour. From the top of the rock you could see all ships mooring in the bay. They looked like slowly sinking into deep water. The sun we had during our first week in Spain has decided to take a day off. Today I missed it more than ever.

Border crossing went smoothly. The border guard looked at our passports and did not even blink. Within few minutes we were back in the UK; looking at the rock from a different perspective.


There are a lot of tours on offer before and after crossing the border. Don’t worry about not picking up one before; you will be given better and wider choice after. Taking the tour is not a bad idea, if you have only few hours. Besides you might be amazed by the knowledge of the guide and his skills in navigating his way up the Gibraltar rock.


Gibraltar has one of the most unusual airports in the world. You can actually walk through its runway, enjoying the feeling of doing something normally not allowed. Of course the runway is closed during the take offs and landings. At both sides of the runway you can spot booths, occupied by soldiers awaiting command to close the traffic for upcoming plane. On our way back we did walk through the runway and I have to say it was one of the coolest things we have ever done!


The tour we have picked after crossing the border was called “The official Rock Tour by taxi”. We have managed to see a lot! The driver was very friendly and talkative. For some reason he decided that we should seat with him at the front of the car and he literally spoiled us with interesting stories about Gibraltar. Shame I do not remember any of them! He was really friendly and funny, looked after everyone, kept saying to be careful with our belongings as we might lose them to the apes. Funny enough one lady lost her water bottle and there was no way to get it back from smart little monkey. Our guide was kind enough to extend the tour time just to take us through back streets of the town, showing the windows of the flats apes visited once, leaving a big mess behind.


After touring around Gibraltar I could not really decide what was the highlight of the day. My heart said two things – the cave and the apes. But The Great Siege Tunnels and Pillars of Hercules from where we were trying to spot Morocco was amazing too!


The St. Michael’s cave was incredibly colourful and spacious. The art of water and rock took my heart away. The illuminating lights, changing very quickly, were extracting the beauty of the natural sculptor. There is a concert-room inside the cave – I bet the sound is amazing! The Siege tunnels on the other hand displayed completely different kind of beauty – harsh and painful. If you think about how they were developed, you do need to admire the strength and determination of the builders.


I would highly recommend taking the tour with one of the operators, if you have only few hours in Gibraltar. After showing you incredible beauties around, the tour operator will take you to the town and you can shop freely – and believe me, if you are a strong alcohol lover, you will save a lot! Armed with two bottles of whisky we headed for the border again, to be back to sunny Spain, hoping for another great day on a beach tomorrow. And we were not disappointed 🙂