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It’s incredible what you can find on a beach, washed by the sea. Any sharpness in the piece of wood or stone is dissolved by water, salt and time. Even palm leaves, left with the pointy tips, are losing their prickling abilities. Water is recreating and bringing out the softness of the soul, reflecting its own calmness hidden under the surface. Even the sharpness of the sea side cliffs is destroyed when water and wind work together. There is no exaggeration in saying that nature is the best sculptor.


The beach is an opening to a different world. There are no borders apart from the one allotted by the horizon. And that one is elusive, like the mirage on the desert. Looking at the horizon, while sitting on the warm sand, always brings calmness and peace. The sandy beaches are quieter, although there is nothing better than the sound of the waves on the pebbles.


The landscape around Cabo de Gata in Nijar Spain is unadorned. The human hand is touching it on the occasion, putting some signs, directing people to the beaches. The road has been created by the cars bursting into the brownish valley, ripping out the track towards paradise. A deep emptiness is filling the border between mountains on one side and the sea on the other. The colours are desert-like, with a hint of dirty gold and musky green. Few birds got lost in the valley but the lack of trees scared them away.


The beaches are full of people, refugees from the noisy world. The liberation rules this bit of the Earth and no one asks any question. A woman sits on a sun bed, completely naked, with a child crawling nearby. Her partner stands in the water up to his knees, looking at the horizon, completely oblivious, proudly displaying his goods and smoking a cigarette. Water washes over a piece of rock, smoothing its surface and burying it into soft sand. Every time the sea is back the rock is losing the heat it managed to gather from the sun during the day. The child of theirs is crawling near the rock and starts dragging it away, so happy with a new toy.


Every beach is like a hidden gem. Bathed in the sun, with the blue sky coming through the clouds. The further you go the quieter it gets. People like exploring but not too far. You need to watch your tires, walk to the beach from the car park, dragging the sun beds, food and drinks. Why bother going further if here is nice, hot and sweet.


The sun is slowly hiding, the heat is escaping letting the valley to breath. On our way back we stop by to look at flamingos feeding on the salt lake close by. The evening is slowly crawling, closing the day, letting the sun paint the valley in gold for the last time today.



Detailed information on how to get to the Parque Natural Cabo de Gata-Níjar are available here and here. You can get there by car. There is a lot to explore, as the park is five hundred square kilometers and includes one hundred and twenty square kilometers of the sea as a marine reserve. 

Parque Natural Cabo de Gata-Níjar