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I took off my shoes and put my feet on the sand. The warm of it made me feel lazy for a moment. The smell of the sea and the recent rain hit my nose with a strong wave. Sidari was slowly packing the season up but still my mum managed to grab a bargain in one of the summer shops. A small church was rising in the middle of the town and I could see the top of its tower from the beach. When I looked in the opposite direction, I saw an island not very far away, the famous Canal d’ Amour, patiently letting small waves to wash it slowly.


The beach was depopulated. Few dogs were running around, with the owners walking slowly between empty sun beds. The beach shops and bars, usually very active during the season, were closed for business. Few boats stuck in the small marine were rocking gently on the water and few clouds were gathering on the horizon with a promise of the rain. Sadly our plan to go on another cruise around the area was shattered as there was no boats available. Another sign of the summer season closing up.


The walk on the beach was a pleasant one. You could sense how busy this area was during the summer months by the number of beach huts offering any kind of water activities you could imagine. A colourful, although a little faded posters describing short and longer cruises around the area were blowing in the wind. Some of the places even had a translation in Polish, which was a nice and unexpected accent. A friendly dog run on to me, waived his tail, sniffed my naked feet and run away, towards the sea.


We have reached Canal d’ Amour after 20 minutes’ walk from the centre of quiet Sidari. The path leading to the incredible rock formation in the sea was green and narrow. At one point the plants broke off to offer unusual view over the rocks, preparing visitors for a lovely treat. Few people was wandering on the rock, looking around and finding comfortable seating to catch unexpected sun coming up from behind the clouds. I had a sudden urge to hurry up to see the rock formation as soon as I am able too, like it would disappear before I get there.


The yellow colour shined under the sun, the water reflected the rocks and the sea breeze caressed my cheeks. Holding my camera I climbed the smooth rocks to look at the sea from above. It was smooth and quiet, blue and green at the same time. The rocks of Canal d’ Amour looked phenomenal, like an English custard, like a mustard, sleek and misty, like vanilla ice cream. I breathed the sea into my lungs, smiled and let my mind wander. My eyes enjoyed this perfect afternoon, while I was sitting in the middle of the yellow world.



Sidari is located 36 km from Corfu and the Canal d’Amour is on the west of the town. You can easily walk to it through lovely beach in Sidari. 


Canal D’Amour