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Today I am feeling like packing my bags, leaving my job and going away. No plan, no destination. Free myself from responsibility. Make my life a little less purposeful and defiantly more fun. In some ways travel gives me that freedom, but it is a temporary freedom. I am always back to square one – back to reality, with bills, work, same people every day, same routine. Breaking this routine would be brave and freeing at the same time. Breaking this routine would be much more fun than I have at the moment. And recently the “fun factor” became much more important than trying to fit into the life the majority people live or dream about living. The so called “normal”.


I do not think I am cut for a “normal”. I think I tried it long enough and I do not like it. I do not see myself working where I work until I am retired, living where I live until the mortgage is paid off. Deep inside I know I will not. I have always been outsider, did not fit well into average, plain, safe. However this is one side of me. The other one always wanted a safety cushion. Always wanted to fit in, have a plan – the usual, the one which is a dream for so many people around me. And no, I do not think this is a bad plan at all. I just think it is not a plan for me.


I love traveling, discovering new places, surviving the adventure, making remarkable memories. I live to travel – everything revolves around my holidays. I can be sneaky at work, do whatever it takes to fight over another day of leave. Of course, I consider my work colleagues and I am always responsible for my workload, no one suffers. But I’ll do everything what I can to be able to travel. This is addiction I do not wish to be cured of.


Recently I went to Scotland. I love going there. I always try to fit Scotland into my holiday’s plans. I have been there three times already and I know – I will be back. For a moment I even considered moving there, perhaps I will one day. Life should have not limits and you should be entitled to make whatever it takes to have a happy life. The rough weather in Scotland stopped scaring me that much recently, I think I could live with it. If I miss the sun, there is an easy way to get some – just get online and find a ticket. I was recently shopping for summer stuff for my trip to Greece this Saturday and one of the shop assistants asked me where I was going. I said – Corfu and she said that her manager drove to the airport yesterday, with packed bag, asked at the desk for the cheapest ticket and he flew to Corfu for £50. There you go, cheap travel is possible!


Scotland to me is like a fairy-tale land. It’s rough, wild, beautiful. Castles, lochs, troubled history. People embraced the nature, integrated with her instead of changing her to fit their own needs. They fought few battles, winning and losing, pleading with her and giving everything up. This is a proud nation, tough nation, loving and respecting their own history. I have never seen more love for the heritage than in Scotland. Fort George, Stirling and Edinburgh castles, countless numbers of Scottish Heritage sites, the wildlife, the sad beauty of abandoned Island of Stroma, the whisky trail, the proudness of distillery workers when they take you through the history of whisky and how to make it. The Highlands with hidden gems of small lochs you discover suddenly, when wandering around the mountains. The lash green of the grass and the smoke of an old steam engine. Yes, all this and more in one place, one holiday destination, remarkable memories guaranteed!


I am packing my bag for Corfu on Friday, but today, despite everything, I wish I was packing for Scotland. Again.