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This funny feeling in my stomach every time when the plane takes off is a beginning of a new adventure. When I sit on a plane, looking at the world below on the first day of my leave, I feel the happiest. Traveling is an addiction and even if there are any negatives to it as an addict I am not able to find them. I am simply blind and not interested in finding out. I prefer travelling.


Barcelona took my heart away immediately, even before we landed and had a chance to explore. I am still hungry from more, since the time we spent there was unusually short. The streets swallowed us completely, pulsing with live on a cold February early afternoon. In a search for a hotel we have gotten off the bus earlier than planned and had to roll our small bags through the streets, adding more sounds to the singing city. Trees were already green and the sun was bouncing against the windows, stinging our eyes.


Plaça de Catalunya was slowly filling up, with just a handful of tourists, their cameras busy, capturing street life. The street art, just a short distance from the hotel, embellished one of the metal doors guarding access to the small shop. At this time of the day surprisingly only public laundry and exchange office were opened.


We have ditched our bags at the hotel and went for a walk, smelling marijuana round the corner. The town was dealing the usual business, regardless new faces showing around. La Ramabla was much livelier, the stalls at La Boqueria were already filled up with food and people were buying, eating and cooking on a spot.


We crossed the town and found ourselves near Barcelona Cruise Port Terminal, looking at many masts and breathing the air with hint of sea salt. One boat was slowly moving, the lucky owners oblivious to the jealous people crossing the quay. After leaving narrow and full of people streets I embraced the open space and enjoyed the forest of masts. We headed towards L’Aquàrium de Barcelona – the biggest Mediterranean-themed aquarium in the world.


I have never seen such a huge shark, slowly moving around in a dignified manner, circulating his kingdom. Many colourful fishes and corals, glooming in a dark corridors of the huge building, indifferent to visitors slowly moving in front of them, with children pointing fingers, full of excitement and never-ending feel for an adventure. The tunnel took us further and further, into the private life of fishes and other sea inhabitants, letting us peeking into their life in front of the biggest aquarium window I have ever seen. The seating arranged like in a Greek ancient theatre allowed visitors to stop for longer and watch a huge screen like you would a movie in the cinema. There are 14 aquariums showing incredible Mediterranean world hiding under the water.


We spent two hours in L’Aquàrium de Barcelona, enjoying colours and sea life. Our way back to the hotel lead through darkening streets, waking up to live a different type of life, embracing cold in a colourful drink or perhaps a shot of whisky.



About booking the tickets, opening hours and prices read here.

Aquarium Barcelona