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At first I was not sure if we were in the right place. You could see a lot of rubbish being dumped around the car park and the smell was not very appealing. No one apart from us and the family traveling in the camper van who stopped on the car park probably for a short break, setting out the table and the chairs, was in sight. No nice beach either, but we have decided to wander regardless, since my sister believed that there is something worth pursuing. And as usual, she was right.


The day was unusually cold. We were spending Easter in Sardinia, hoping to catch a little bit of an early sun which we could not spot in Europe. For the most of the days the sun was hiding behind thick grey clouds, but at least it was not raining. And at that time of the year Europe was crying with rain and cold.


We left our rented car on the car park and decided to walk further. After a while, leaving behind smelly car park and rubbish we have spotted something quite interesting and very light in the distance.



There is something amazing when you are trying to get to the popular spots out of season, when you know probably no one is going to be there and you can have the whole place for yourself. I remember when Marcin and I went to Portugal in October and for the most of the time when we went to the beach we have the whole place for ourselves, with not a soul both ways for miles. As I do not have to I never book my leave during the season, always working in July and August and trying to get some leave in June, September and October. These are my favourite months to travel.


The white pebbles of the Piaggia le Saline beach were in a walking distance, but there were obstacles on the way. When the season is not yet open the beach is hardly accessible, due to the sea getting further into the land and creating a lot of small salty lakes. I suppose during the sunny and hot days the water evaporates leaving the area free to explore.



We really wanted to see the beach so there was nothing what could prevent us from that. We have defeated the salty lakes and finally got on the beach. At one point we needed to build a bridge from the board someone left so we could get through, but the contrast of crystal clear water with hint of the blueish green in the distance and the amazingly white pebbles were worth it. Even though it was quite windy and cold, few of us has decided to check the water temperature, took off shoes and let our feet get cold in the water. The beach was empty and quiet, we could lay on the white pebbles and just enjoy the incredible views. The fact that it was cold and windy lost its importance as we enjoyed the beauty of the nature. Of course it made us wanting to be back here when the weather is better, but at the same time we would probably lost incredible connection with the beach which we had at that moment, being not disturbed by anyone else.



We could see few small fishes swimming in the sea and could avoid quite uncomfortable feeling of the sand getting everywhere! Walking on the pebbles was a great experience for our feet and even thought I was expecting it to be rather unpleasant, I was surprised with the smoothness and comfort they gave us. Piaggia le Saline is in my opinion one of the most beautiful places, wild when out of season and surprisingly welcoming, even though it is trying to guard its secrets by creating salty lakes.


From Sassari, take the E25 to Porto Torres, and before you reach the village, head to the SP 34 towards Pozzo San Nicola. Continue to Tonnara Saline for 8 kilometers, then turn right and head for the car parking.

Villaggio le Saline