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We woke up quite early, looking forward to another day full of amazing things to see and do, getting lost in a city with the ongoing improvements on every corner. It always surprises me how well I can rest and sleep during the night after spending the whole day on doing what I love – visiting places, enjoying discovering new things and learning about another country we are able to visit. And waking up in a new place with a thought that this day is going to be amazing no matter what happen, just because I am somewhere totally new and different is the most precious thing I can experience.

We got lost (again) trying to find a way to Rosenborg Castle – Copenhagen was a huge building site and getting around without losing a sense of direction was quite difficult. But hey, we were after one of the main attractions in Copenhagen, so finding it was not very difficult after all.

The castle does not really look like a castle –it was originally built as a country summerhouse at the beginning of XV century. 

The style is a typical Dutch Renaissance example and the building was expanded many times – finally settling for its current form in 1624. 

Although not very impressive on the outside, looking like a church rather than a castle, the interiors can make up for it easily. Lavish rooms with richly decorated furniture, walls practically dripping with amazing art and located on the third floor huge Long Hall completed as a last addition to the castle.

The idea for this part of the castle was to have a ballroom. When we were wandering from one end of the hall to another we could easily imagine the ball taking place, with a delicate sound of ladies’ breathtaking outfits slowly creating gentle wind when they were dancing with their partners.

Around 1700 the Great Hall started to serve as Royal Reception Room and later on as a place to organize banquets. It the late 19th century the hall finally became a Knight’s Hall.

The ceiling in the Hall was added in 18th century and it shows the Danish Coat of Arms surrounded by the Orders of the Elephant and of Dannebrog. There is twelve tapestries depicting the King’s victories in the Scanian War. Side reliefs depict historical events from the first years of the reign of Frederik IV, including the liberation of the serfs, the founding of the dragoons and of the land militia among them. The frescos in the ceiling by Hendrick Krock, represent the Regalia.

The main attraction of Rosenborg castle are the coronation chairs of the absolutist kings and the throne of the queens with the three silver lions standing in front. There is also a large collection of silver furniture dated mostly from 17th century.

There is as well an exhibition of the Crown Jewels and the Danish Crown Regalia available to anyone who is interested and it is fascinating!

Rosenborg castle is a superb place to visit, with its rich and fascinating history, lavish decorations and amazing Great Hall. Spending a time in Copenhagen and missing on this one would be a real shame!

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