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Fear of losing security is keeping us from trying new things, from challenging the world and ourselves. So many of us chose a safe road, pushing the dreams aside. When you 18-20 you have so many dreams, you are full of positive energy, like you know that one day you are going to change the world. And then the reality swallows you and you are waking up one day with a shock on your face realizing that you are 40, have two kids, do the job you do not really want and generally are on a path you have never considered – with a mortgage creeping on you, surprised that you ever wanted this commitment. That is if you lucky to wake up.


Travel might not be a solution for everyone, but if you do not try you will never find out. I cannot recall anyone who went traveling and came back wanting to get his old life back. I would not want to be back to from where I escaped, not even realizing that I was escaping. There is always a moment in your life when the world is trying to tell you that now is the time to change, but so often we are blind and deaf and do not notice.


Sometimes people are waiting to be sure, 100 % sure that the decision they are about to make is the right one. And they are waiting, letting the dreams slip somewhere at the back of their minds, letting the reality and insecurity conquer their life. After a while they back to where they were, perhaps being even glad that nothing has changed.


Since we decided we are getting tired of 9-5 jobs, I am feeling more positive and happy. It was like finally discovering what is wrong with our lives. We let ourselves become comfortable and lazy, but we have adventure in our blood and it finally got its own voice. I am a big security freak, I think about retirement all the time, worrying about getting enough money to get by. But I am tired of this now, knowing as well, that I do not want to spend the rest of my life working the job I do not find any joy in, dealing with obnoxious and rude people, who think they have a right to treat us with no manners at all, as apparently they pay our wages. How sorry I feel for them!


We do not want to sell everything and backpack Asia or South America like many did, we want to have a home we can share with others, but we do not want our home to be in one place. This is why we have decided we want to sail. This is why, even though I have never set a foot on a yacht before, we are going to spend a week living on a boat while doing our first certificate in sailing in June this year.


I know that people worry about changing everything more as they are getting older. I am 40 myself and I have decided that it is time to listen to what the world is trying to tell me, not to stay on what is a safe and secure path everyone is on. I have sailing in my blood – my father was a sailor, he was sailing as a crew member on huge ships for the better part of the year and left us very early – this is why I have never get a chance to really know him. But for some reason I know that I will enjoy sailing and being on a sea as he did.


It is never too late to make a change – the difficulties are in knowing what you want to do. If you know, this is a half of success, the other half will come with your determination and will to change things around you. Equipped with strong will and determination you will succeed in your quest to fulfil your life with enjoyment and happiness. Ask yourself one question – what do I want to do in my life – and then start your more aware and happier journey.