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I was impatiently waiting to get to Tivoli, having passed the gardens too many times in pursuit of other amazing sites in Copenhagen. I must say – the entrance looked quite grand and located in the middle of busy Copenhagen everlasting childhood dream did not disappoint. The smell of sweets, splash of colors and white shy peacock welcomed us at the entrance.

It was so easy to forget how old are you and at the same time it was so nice to become even older, hiding in a quiet parts of the gardens. Lovely weather made all the difference too. On one end we were attacked by swinging and rushing machines offering exciting rides, a sinister gambling houses and sellers with every sweetness possible, on the other we could hide between greens and find a quiet spot overlooking the pond.

The rides offered at Tivoli are both mad and adventures. For me visiting this fairground was like catching a breath from very accurate and proper feel of Danish capital. The craziness in Tivoli reminded me Paris and my niece and our little rides in the middle of French capital. Although Tivoli looks more proper than a temporary fairground we found in Paris, the feel of constant fun was nearly the same.

We were in Tivoli in August – so lucky since Tivoli was first opened on 15 August 1843. The first guests crossed the gate to the park on a lovely, sunny, work and worry free day. The opening at that time and the fact that Tivoli is still so popular to this day made the gardens the second oldest amusement park in the world, after Dyrehavsbakken in nearby Klampenborg.

Apart from being second oldest it is as well second most popular seasonal theme park in the world and of course the most visited one in Scandinavia. In Europe only Disneyland Paris, Europa-Park Rust and the Efteling are more popular than Tivoli.

How the idea came to life then? King Christian VIII granted permission to Georg Carstensen after he argued: “When the people are amusing themselves, they do not think about politics”. And then the creation began – 15 acres were taken over to build magic and joy for Copenhagen residents.

From the beginning the creator wanted to attack with colours and exotic forms, so you can find all the magic closed in exotic style of an imaginary Orient buildings and colourful flower gardens. Offering unusual rides and quiet corners Tivoli is great for a crazy and sweet days out with your family and friends.

During the War World II Nazi destroyed a majority of buildings, but the park spirit was resurrected and brought back to live.

One of the most recognizable features is a wooden roller coaster – Rutschebanen or Bjergbanen – the Mountain Coaster, built in 1914 which is making it the world’s oldest wooden roller coaster which is still in use.

Another roller coaster – Dæmonen (The Demon) will take you to a zero-G during the one minute and forty six seconds ride.

Then you have The Star Flyer – the world’s second tallest carousel – eighty mieters high offers panoramic view of the city.

In 2006 a new ride – Vertigo – a plane where the rider pilots the ride able to control the plane was introduced.

In case this is not enough, try Aquila – new addition introduced in 2013 – a giant swing and spinner named after the constellation of the Eagle.

To make a quick and enjoyable trip to your childhood, there cannot be a better place than an amusement par and Tivoli with quirkiness of Danish residents and different rides providing a good old adrenaline shock is going all the way to please in creating a unique experience.