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I was the first one to arrive in Dusseldorf and had about two hours to kill, before meeting my sister on a main train station. It was definitely easier and cheaper for her to catch the train from Berlin to Dusseldorf rather than getting on a plane. Getting from the airport to the center of the town was the easiest thing I have ever done in my life, even with my ability of getting lost within 100 meters from my sister’s home in Berlin.

After arriving at the train station I have discovered that my mobile is not working as I did not ask for a roaming to be activated. I just assumed it will be done automatically, but it was not. There was no way I could call my sister or send her a message. I could not let Marcin know that I arrived sound and safe either. Fortunately there was whatsapp and Starbucks offering free Wi-Fi – you gotta love easily accessible Wi-Fi in big cities! I went for a coffee, sent messages and decided to go for a wander instead of sitting in Starbucks.  

I crossed the main exit from the station and hit the pavement. Amazingly the first thing I have noticed was a figure located on a concrete postument just opposite the station – for a moment I thought that someone actually climbed the postument and is trying to take a picture of the station from above! It was so unexpected and it took me a moment to notice that the person on a postument was not quite alive! 

He and nine more like him are a part of a project by artist Christoph Pöggeler (born in 1958 in Münster/Westphalia). The aim of the project was to show people caught during their everyday activities like taking care of a child and more special events like a wedding 🙂

 They are so well done and can make you think you have real people in front of you! The details are exceptional and chasing them around or perhaps letting them chase you could be a great fun! If you look at the map I put below, you will notice that they not very far apart from each other, so you can actually have a nice wander through the streets of Dusseldorf and tick the list too!

Sadly I was not aware about this art exhibit when we went to Dusseldorf and we spot only three of them, although I have a feeling at the back of my mind there were more we just did not notice but were near by! 

 If you want to track them all – below is the list of their locations and their names:

  1. Business Man: Joseph-Beuys-Ufer, Düsseldorf 2001
  2. Marlis: Stromstraße, WDR, Düsseldorf 2001
  3. Couple I: Burgplatz 2002
  4. Tourist: Kaiserswerther Straße 2003
  5. Father and Son: Oststraße 2003
  6. Photographer: Hauptbahnhof, Düsseldorf 2004
  7. Couple II: Berger Allee, Düsseldorf 2004
  8. Stranger: Schlossufer, Düsseldorf 2005
  9. Bride: Schulstraße/ Ecke Citadellstraße, Düsseldorf 2006

I hope you will find the map below helpful as well 🙂 Have fun and good luck!

And – my sister arrived safely in case you wonder 🙂




Kaiserswerther Straße


Commerzbank Düsseldorf-Am Hauptbahnhof

Berger Allee