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Every year I try to stretch our budget and our annual leave time to a maximum.  In order to do that I try to plan short trips – using weekends or other Banks Holidays to travel. Spending 3 or 4 days in a city will give you enough time to catch a breath and explore. Part time traveling has a different pace than the full time adventure, but it does not mean you need to hurry and have to see absolutely everything in a guide book. You can travel slower and enjoy the moment. You can explore what you want and how you want. You can be in charge of your own adventure.

Last year I spent few days in Prague – my sister and I went there to see Depeche Mode and we used this time to see the lovely Czech capital too. We did some, shall I say, mandatory sign seeing, but we did not stress ourselves over trying to see everything. The most important thing should be ALWAYS having fun and great time!

Prague is such a lovely city that it would be just rude to try avoiding taking its charming atmosphere on your own pace. Some of the places stole my heart straight away, some made me feel special and some made me feel like at home…

Prague has surprised us on so many levels! I am sure that anyone who ever visited this amazing city went to see magnificent Prague castle.

One of the biggest castle complexes in the world, taking up a space of 70.000 m2, is buzzing with quite a few architectural styles  – Renaissance, Baroque, Roman and Gothic. Charmingly marrying them into one huge place, with extensively wide streets and the smallest houses possible hidden in Golden Lane (Zlata Ulicka), buzzing with life brought by countless queues of tourists and city residents, official residence and office of the President of the Czech Republic, Prague castle in Hradčany is indisputable one of the main tourist attractions in the capital. And the one you do like to see!


Its rich history stretches back to the year 870 when the fundaments of the Church of the Virgin Mary were laid. Amazingly enough two distinctive buildings, dated first half of X century – The Basilica of Saint George and the Basilica of St. Vitus – are almost buried inside the vast complex of several palaces, gardens and towers. 



There are quite a few museums, including the National Gallery collection of Bohemian baroque and mannerism art, exhibition dedicated to Czech history, Toy Museum and the picture gallery of Prague Castle, based on the collection of Rudolph II. Quite popular Summer Shakespeare Festival is a regular event taking place in the courtyard of Burgrave Palace.

You can easily spend the whole day wandering around, looking at The Change of Guards happening every hour by the castle gates or the main one at 12.00, including a fanfare and the flag ceremony held in the first courtyard, visiting parts available to the tourist, enjoying National Gallery collection and looking at the capital from above.


As you are heading back to catch your tram 22 to take you to the city center, you will probably come across the Church of All Saints, which is hidden on side and not enjoying as much attention as The Basilica of Saint George and the Basilica of St. Vitus. Regardless it is still worth stopping by (and I could not resist, since I love churches).


 I fulfilled my need to climb and look at the city from above by going up the Old Town Hall Tower and admire its amazing clock. 


And then again – by climbing on a Petrin Tower.


We have visited The Old City Hall inside.


And went to Štefánik’s Observatory to look at the Moon and check how much would we wight if we live in other planets.


And we went for a laugh to the Crooked Mirrors Cabinet.


And we did all this while saving time and money with the best feature almost every city in Europe can present you with – The City Card! I am a huge fun of the city cards – used them so many times, visiting European capitals and saving money! It will give you a great pleasure of hoping on and off public transport, without worrying you are going in the wrong direction – the change will cost you nothing, it will help you cut the queue and will give you extensive list of all city attractions and nice map, if you know how to read one! 

My Prague experience was a great one and I do hope that if you ever decided to visit Czech capital, you are going to have as much fun as my sister and I did 🙂

Prague Castle

Zlatá ulička

The Štefánik Observatory