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There are two things I keep doing while traveling – looking for amazing churches to visit (for some reason they smooth my soul) and towers or anything with steps or without them to climb. I sometimes go down a lot of stairs first, like in Sardinia, trying to reach Neptune’s Grotto, and then climb back. It is still the same thing, just different order.

I absolutely adore feeling free when looking at the city from above, breathing the same air as the birds, watching small figures of people going about their businesses, smiling at cars looking like toys… The view is always the biggest reward after the climb. No matter how high I have to go and no matter how tired I am after, I would do it again. 

I climbed in Rome, I climbed in London. I could not resist climbing in Copenhagen, Paris and Prague. I even climbed in my home town – Szczecin, Poland. I saw red roofs of Lisbon and distinctive college roofs in Oxford. I climb in Krakow, and when we went to Tunisia – I climbed on a roof of Tunisian souk. I climbed in Portugal and in Scotland.

I am going to climb in Barcelona – Sagrada Familia, wait for me. I will climb in Bologna and I will find something to climb in Vilnius. I will climb again, when revisiting Berlin and I do not mind doing another Salisbury cathedral tower tour. I would go and visit beautiful Bahá’í Gardens just for the sake of looking at Haifa from above…

Looking at the world from the higher level allows me to take everything in and keep my distance. I love the feeling of being free and having so much space around. I feel complete unity with the world and myself, I do not remember anything what could upsets me or make me feel bad. There is just me and the space, the air and the beauty, the freedom and the moment. Moment which I climbed for.

I would honestly struggle to choose my favorite climbing spot, although  viewing Rome from copula of St. Peter’s Basilica was an amazing experience. I suppose it is because I have two things I love in one place – the church and the climb. 

 I really enjoyed climbing inside the Round Tower in Copenhagen, where in the past a carriage with King Frederik II was slowly climbing to visit an astronomical observatory situated at the top   – no steps at all, just relaxing stroll along.


I loved the wind at the top of Vor Frelserskirke Church and its spiky tower with steps and very steep stairs – you could have a very good look at Copenhagen and enjoy freedom of being there, looking through the metal fence. From above everything looks somehow familiar, no matter where you are. 


For me, apart form buying fridge magnets (if I remember!) these climbs are my favorite holidays souvenirs. The chance to take the place in by looking from above is a unique and amazing experience. 

Grotte di Nettuno


Church of Our Saviour

St. Peter’s Basilica

Basilique du Sacre-Coeur

Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa