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I am not sure about you but since I started traveling on every possible occasion my personal list of favorite places to come back to steadily grow. I am lucky enough to live in a rather beautiful country, which has so many brilliant and outstanding places to offer and what is even more important, they are free to visit! Today we will be revisiting Seven Sisters Country Park in East Sussex – the place I have visited 4 times already, trying to show it to anyone who visits us! This says it all about my personal ranking 🙂

The trail leading to the cliffs is cut by South Downs river and before you head of you must decide where do you wish to be – do you want to climb the cliffs or rather see their beauty from a distance? The reason I am asking you this is rather simple – there is just one bridge connecting two sides cut by the river and this bridge is relatively close to the beginning of the trail. When we went there for the first time we chose the side to climb the cliffs, but then we headed back and did the other side in order to see the cliffs from a distance – so you can do it like we did, but it is a long walk so be prepared!

The highest of the cliffs is called Haven Brow – 253 feet (77 metres) and is located to the west of her other sisters – Short Brow, Rough Brow, Brass Point, Flagstaff Point, Baily’s Brow and Went Hill Brow.


The way towards the cliffs is beautifully green, with some ships and cows grazing fearlessly and enjoying richly green grass 🙂




 There is a nice visitor center located in an 18th century barn, which will provide you with a lot of information about park and a free map if you need one. Pub located on a site offers delicious food in a really unique surroundings.


The best news is a price of a car park – it is just £3.50 for the whole day! 

The Seven Sisters cliffs are featured at the beginning of Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves and at the end of Atonement, so this place is pretty famous in a movie industry as well!

The Seven Sisters are not the only white cliffs in the UK – they are often compared with White Cliffs of Dover, but sadly the Dover cliffs are slowly losing its whiteness because of the increasingly growing greenness brought by activities of a nearby port.

Both places are unique and beautiful. If you can – visit them to enjoy the beauties of nature! More about Seven Sisters can be found here. If you in the mood – visit Dover cliffs as well! Their cafe serves really nice cream tea!

Seven Sisters