Israel and Palestine still holds charm over me and I like coming back to my photos and remind myself about the sun and the fun – especially now, when we moved the clocks back, the sun is disappearing quite rapidly and the winter has its coat on! 

Israel and Palestine are quite magical, offering so many different things – The Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa, beautiful and relaxing Gan Hashlosha, remarkable Dead Sea, old Jerusalem and Bethlehem…

I love discovering new things, wander around buildings, looking at people and places, trying to discover something unique, listening to the rhythm of the place, sometimes getting lost not minding that at all. 

After visiting few interesting places and wandering through Jerusalem, we decide to relax and went to Hamat Gader, near the Sea of Galilee, located in the northern Israel in a mountain nature reserve, overlooking Yarmuk River. 

This place has everything what you could look for during holidays, if you want to relax but not get bored – hot springs (the only naturally flowing springs in Israel), hotel, range of beauty treatments and massages, water park, restaurants, zoo and… crocodile farm! 

You can see at least several hundred of these predators, on land and in water. Seeing them during feeding time was an amazing experience!

Hamat Gader has a great history – it was established in 2nd century AD  by the 10th Legion of the Roman Empire. It gained its popularity rather quickly and became known as “Three Graces”.

In 1977 the baths were recreated by four local kibbutzim – Mevo Hama, Kfar Haruv, Afik and Meitzar. They own the Hamat Gader company, which operates the baths, spa and surrounding attractions. 

Getting into very hot water was quite interesting – you can feel your body slightly protesting against a very hot bath and the bathtub is huge! 

There are five hot springs, but the most popular is the one with constant temperature of 42°C, containing sulfur and other minerals. The benefits of bathing in this very hot water includes: enhancing the metabolism, renewing cells, relieving aching joints and disorders of the urinal and digestive systems.  Well, we felt super healthy after bathing three times. However you do need to remember not to spend more than 10 minutes in the hot water, as you might feel weakened.

If you are interested in this spa resort, please, look here – advises on how to get there and how much does it cost are available.

חמת גדר