The Dead Sea, aka the Sea of Salt is not a sea at all, as I found out before going to Israel. It is a lake. It can be found between Israel, Jordan and Palestine. Its surface is located 427 m below sea level and it is Earth lowest elevation. It can be 306 m deep and it is the deepest hyper-saline lake in the world. But is it the saltiest? Hmm, apparently not, but with about 34% salinity, 9.6 times as salty as the ocean, floating effortlessly on the surface, reading newspaper comfortably lying on your back, is by all means possible 🙂

This high salinity makes living in it impossible. This lake is 50 kilometers long (about 31 miles) and 15 kilometers wide (about 9 miles) at its widest point. Its mine tributary is Jordan River.

The Dead Sea was attracting visitors for centuries now. And I have to say – what it has to offer is something you will not forget. Bath in an oily/incredibly salty water and quick cosmetic fix with mud – you cannot ask for anything better!

It is hard to imagine but this place was one of the world’s first health resorts! Its salt, mud and minerals are used to create cosmetics and herbal sachets and they are very popular worldwide.

It was all fun and brilliant experience! However –  word of advise – do not shave or wax before going there, do not try to put your head under the water, do not try water on your tongue, be careful with your eyes and do not go in if you have any open cuts. The salty water can be very unforgiving!

The Dead Sea