What always surprises me in Oxford is its ability to show you amazing people – tourists, street artists, people living there and going about their own business, graduates, students, musicians… 


This town is so lively with so much going on in it – street artist perform, preaches summon people, people sing and dance in various parts of the town…

Today I will not be showing you the architecture of Oxford, marvellous colleges and tiny streets filled in with bikes, great museums and grand buildings… I want to show you people of Oxford as somehow this town delivers the best chances of doing inventive and interesting street photography.

Since I have my new camera I am trying to understand how to use it and how to make good pictures, not only technically well taken, but pictures which have soul in them. And taking pictures of people is part of my adventure in learning photography.

A lot of people say that taking a good picture of someone is rather difficult and I totally agree. I have taken many and 90% of them are rubbish to be completely honest with you – only the handful has something what I like about them. They have a story to tell.

Somehow the best shots I ever took I took in Oxford. It is like this town loves photographers and gives them the chance, even if they are, like me, not sure what they are doing! I am showing you today few shots I taken in Oxford in September this year and I am hoping you see Oxford through people who live, work or just visit this beautiful town. I like to think that there is a story behind each picture 🙂