What would you define as a journey? Would it be just going from point A to point B? Sometimes we are not even sure about point B, as we do not know where we are going. You can travel physically as you normally do every day going to work as I do or when on holidays. You can travel inside yourself – no matter where you are you can always close your eyes and imagine being elsewhere. You travel with your soul and your heart throughout life all the time. Your travel changes you. You start understanding more of what you really need and want – who you really are. You look at your past and perhaps regret something. No point. What is important is to make a peace with the past and look into the future. You are blessed if you are healthy, happy, surrounded by people you need in your life, not the once you do not need at all. Whatever you do, you travel, you are making your journey!


You might think – she is not saying anything new. And I would agree with you! The point lays in recognizing your journey and starting enjoying it, if you have not done so already. And I pray you have, as there is nothing more depressing than suddenly realizing I am not where I want/should be. I might not ever get there if I do  not start now!


I do not live in a country I was born in. I am not writing in my mother tongue. But I feel that for some reason I can tell more in this language than in my own. I am glad that somewhere in my past Life made a choice for me and made me change the country. This opened me more and allowed finding strength I did not even know I had. Perhaps one day this experience will even made me  leave my current life to start something totally different. As I know now I can achieve much more.


Can I risk saying I now am where I wanted to be from the beginning? Could I ever say that, if my life as I see it is a constant journey and all the people I meet enrich it? I believe I can achieve, try, find out and learn more. I believe I will not stop traveling ever.