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This is still my favorite travel destination as without a doubt it has some unique and most attractive beaches I have ever seen. We visited in October so it was less “touristy” and not crowded as during the season. The time was perfect and we could enjoy the beaches by ourselves.

We travel with our tent and a rented car – this gave us a sense of freedom – we did not need to worry about where we are going to stay, as we could put our tent anywhere if we wanted to. This is what is amazing about traveling without a plan – it gives you this everlasting sense of being free. This is how we like spending our precious time on holidays – no hurry and no stress.

It’s hard to decide about the most breath-taking beach we came across as each of them had something really special – one was completely empty and you could walk miles without spotting another person, the other one had the most fabulous landscape, the third one had the best waives I have ever seen… So great that Marcin lost his glasses and I had to drive our car back to the campsite!

First one on the list must be Praia da Ilha do Farol – located opposite Faro on island Ilha de Farol. This beach was pretty amazing as there were hardly any people on it. We needed to catch a ferry to get there, but it was worth it! 

To reach the beach we needed to walk quite a long way, but nice path had been provided. It was even better than red carpet, although I have never walked on one before!

We spend all day on the island and really really did not want to come back – you never want to come back from paradise! But amazingly we found another beach which applied to us differently – the landscape was so beautiful it almost made me cry. Apart from that Porto Covo offered the best sunset ever!

We arrived about 2 hours before sunset and I wanted to stay there forever! We had great swim! With hardly anyone around we could enjoy wandering without a purpose and taking in the beauty which was slowly unfolding in front of our eyes…

And then we went to Sagres and visited beach over there – the best place if you love surfing and like Marcin – big waives!

And even though Marcin lost his glasses, we really did not mind that at all – since he had a spare ones left in our tent! Visiting Portuguese beaches was an amazing and unforgettable part of our journey throughout Portugal. I hope one day we can come back.


Porto Covo