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So I was feeding you with some sunny and warm pictures, but beauty has so many different faces! The rain and the fog are much more mysterious and perhaps full of surprises as well. We could experience different images if the day was sunny, but rain and fog gave this place something really special.


You can hide from the world in a fog and at the same time be visible to anyone who is near by. You can easily disappear from the eyes of anyone who do not want to climb the mountain with you.


Pistyll Rhaeadr in the Berwyn Mountains, west of Oswestry and Shrewsbury in Wales welcomed us with a thick fog and rain but this did not put us off. Local inhabitants of the mountain we spotted on our way looked at as wondering who we are and why we are trying to interrupt their daily routine.

They were trying to make up their mind – should we stay or should we go. At the end they simply decided to ignore us – these strange wanderers who dared to make their way up.


Actually it is almost impossible to see the waterfall from the top. Firstly thick fog prevented us, secondly accessing the waterfall was rather hard as the flow goes straight down.


After a short wander around and after getting completly soaked up, we decided to go down and look at Pistyll Rhaeadr from the bottom. It was rather beautiful but I had some difficulties trying to capture the waterfall on my camera. There is true in saying – you need to see it with your own eyes to fully appreciate the beauty of nature.


More about this great waterfall and lovely B&B near by called Tan-y-Pistyll – meaning little house under the waterfall, can be found here

Pistyll Rhaeadr(Waterfall)