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Today I am back to Israel again (in my mind and in my heart), to Gan Hashlosha which is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Some people think it is a secret Garden of Eden and I really must agree with them!

Gan Hashlosha river is one of the most popular local tourist attractions in Israel and to be honest I am not surprised at all. The surroundings are breathtaking and if you are after a place to relax, catch a breath after exciting days of traveling – this is a place for you.

The river has 28 degrees Celsius all year-round and swimming in June was just delicious! The river flows effortlessly and local people made sure its flow can be used to create comfortable and exciting swimming pools.

Many tourists and local people visit Gan Hashlosha during the year and I am not sure if I ever found a better place to relax and forget about the world. We spend there all day, swimming, enjoying the sun and having a picnic. The staff working on site is brilliant, very helpful and curious too 🙂 

Israel is a pretty lucky country to have such a place! And I am glad that what they did to it did not destroyed and commercialized the area completely.  

If I could decide which part of Israel I would like to visit again – this one would be very high on my list!

Apart from that you can even try free pedicure service – river fishes would do that for you! I was not very kin on this experience, but many people were. They just seat on the rocks surrounding water and let fishes do the job. If that’s not a great cooperation with Nature, I am not sure what is! This place is definitely a piece of Eden, so do not give it a miss.

If you are thinking about visiting, this website will help with directions and cost: Gan Hashlosha. However getting there might be tricky and the best way is to go by car although Kavim bus line 412 from Bet She’an to Afula reaches the site. 

Gan HaShlosha National Park