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In the center of Haifa, slowly descending of the Mountain Caramel, a staircase of nineteen terraces can be seen. They are filled with a very well cared for flowers, bushes and trees. Gravel paths will lead you around beauties of nature and human attention. 

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The gardens offer panoramic views over  the city, the Galilee Hills and the Mediterranean Sea.

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In the middle the golden-domed Shrine of  the Bab temple – the resting place of the Prophet-Herald of the Bahá’í Faith sits. 

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If you look at the plants in the gardens you will understand the love and care they have received from people all around the world. They are volunteering to keep the gardens in its beautiful and perfect shape and let others enjoy them like they do.

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I remember my mind settled peacefully when I was looking at the beauties just in front of me. I could touch the plants and feel the peace and just let go of all the problems for a split second… Such a charming place to visit!

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I am not a religious person myself, but for some reason I have always been fascinated by the places of cult or churches. I love churches! Somehow people’s faith penetrate the walls and it is like a blanket you can easily cuddle yourself in and just by sitting in a church find inner peace and catch your breath. I remember our visit to Rome and my deep fascination with the churches over there. They did not look very impressive from the outside, but if you managed to get inside… 

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The Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa are open from 9:00 to 17:00, seven days a week, but the inner gardens near the shrine close at 12:00 noon. They will be closed to visitors on 7 and 21 March, 21 and 29 April, 2 and 29 May, 27 June, 25 and 26 October.  If the weather is rainy they might be closed for security reasons. More details about the gardens and Báb – The Prophet-Herald available from here.

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The really lovely thing about these gardens is that they are available to visit for free! And you really can find a piece of quiet space in the middle of busy Haifa. 


Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa